29 November 2022
  • 12:01 pm ECP rejects Imran Khan’s appeal in conduct violation case
  • 12:01 pm اعظم سواتی کے جسمانی ریمانڈ میں توسیع
  • 11:46 am Watch video: Elderly besties reunite after years, video leaves internet emotional
  • 11:46 am The Kashmir Files controversy: Nadav Lapid’s remark was ‘completely his personal opinion’, says filmmaker Sudipto Sen
  • 11:45 am Don’t agree with Nadav Lapid’s remarks on ‘The Kashmir Files’, says Israeli diplomat on IFFI row
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The Supreme Court came down hard on the K-Electric over the frequent load-shedding in Karachi while hearing a suo motu case on Tuesday.

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People in Karachi are up the entire night as there is power, remarked Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed. “Karachi is experiencing a heatwave and people don’t have electricity.”

He remarked that the situation on the ground is exactly the same as before.

“Where is the CEO? He is still serving the post.” If he was loyal to the country then the conditions in Karachi would’ve been much better, remarked the top judge.

The federal government is not doing anything and neither is the power department. Everyone is working in collusion with one another, he added.

Abdul Gh Lone