1 February 2023
  • 3:06 am Senate calls for implementation of NAP to curb terrorism
  • 3:04 am KP elections: ECP summons ‘important meeting’ today
  • 2:37 am MQM-P holds meeting to review by-elections preparations
  • 2:37 am MQM-P holds meeting to review by-elections preparations
  • 1:55 am Punjab police foil terror attack on Mianwali police station
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Pakistan has received “messages” from India in the past year expressing desire for talks with Islamabad but it doubted the seriousness of the messages, said Moeed Yusuf, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s special assistant on national security.

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“In the past year, we have got the messages about a desire for conversation but you know why there is a desire for conversation? In my reading, so that there can be a dialogue which India can take to the world and say everything is settled,” Yusuf told an Indian media outlet in an interview.
PM Khan’s aide on national security said Pakistan wants serious talks with India but it can’t begin without Kashmir and terrorism on its agenda.
“We want real dialogues and there are certain conditions that I have laid out,” said Yusuf. “Kashmir and what needs to happen there and please stop perpetrating terrorism against Pakistan.”
Yusuf said that Pakistan will talk to India if there is an “enabling environment”.
“Create that [enabling environment] and you will find us willing [for talks] the next day,” said PM Khan’s special assistant. “Take that one step and you will see my prime minister take two. That’s his promise and he stands by it.”
“The day India recognises that only the wishes of the people of Kashmir matter, this issue can be resolved.”
He added that the people of Kashmir need to be made the third “principal party” in the talks between India and Pakistan.
‘Indians orchestrating terror attacks in Pakistan’
Yusuf told Karan Thapar that an Indian embassy used more than $1 million to merge four groups of the outlawed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan.
“I am revealing information which we have not done before,” said Yusuf.
PM Khan’s aide claimed that the mastermind of the 2014 Army Public School attack was in touch with his Indian handlers at the Indian consulate.
“We have records of eight phone calls. We have records of phone numbers. We have records of handlers who orchestrated the entire thing sitting in a third country,” said the national security official.
He also accused New Delhi of using think-tanks in Afghanistan to provide financial help to Baloch separatist organisations in Pakistan.
“You are using think-tanks in Afghanistan as fronts to funnel money to Baloch terrorists in Pakistan, to issue visas to Baloch terrorists, separatists to go to India and get treatment,” said Yusuf. We all know Afghanistan has gone through a very difficult time.
He added that Aslm Achcho, the commander of a Baloch separatist organisation, orchestrated the attack on the Chinese consulate in Karachi with the help of his Indian handlers.

Abdul Gh Lone