3 February 2023
  • 2:18 am PM Shehbaz invites Imran to APC on ‘national challenges’
  • 1:19 am PM reaffirms Pakistan’s unwavering support to Kashmiri brethren
  • 1:19 am Jaffar Mandokhail appointed PML-N’s Balochistan president
  • 1:04 am Dacoits loot motorcyclists near Kirthar’s Talanga Dam
  • 1:04 am Student’s hand fractured after being tortured at Karachi school
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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has updated its entry rules for citizens to enter the emirate from within the country, as the country steps up measures to contain the novel coronavirus from spreading.
According to the Abu Dhabi Emergency Crisis and Disasters Committee, the new procedures will be in effective since Monday, February 1, 2021.
PCR tests
According to the new rules, those who take a COVID-19 PCR test and their results come out negative, will be allowed into the emirate for 48 hours from the receipt of the result.
However, those who remain in Abu Dhabi for four or more days will have to take another PCR test on Day 4. For those who have to stay in the emirate for eight days or more, another PCR test must be taken on Day 8.
DPI test
For those taking a Diffractive Phase Interferometry (DPI) test, they will be allowed into the emirate for 24 hours from the receipt of the negative result. However, these tests are only valid for entry into the emirate once and cannot be used consecutively.
For those who wish to remain in Abu Dhabi for 48 hours or more will have to take a PCR test on Day 3 and another one must be taken on Day 7, if the persons wish to stay in Abu Dhabi for more than eight days.
The entry testing procedures will apply to all Emiratis and expats except for those who have either received COVID-19 vaccines during the trials or as part of the national vaccine programmes. They must however prove their vaccinated status through the Alhosn app, which must display a golden star or the letter E.
The Committee also explained that those who do not take the tests according to the schedule will be fined.

Abdul Gh Lone