29 November 2022
  • 12:16 pm علیشا، والد کے انتقال کے بعد رکشا چلاکر گھر کا سہارا بننے والی باہمت لڑکی
  • 12:15 pm In Laxmi Singh, UP gets 1st woman Police Commissioner in a major reshuffle
  • 12:01 pm ECP rejects Imran Khan’s appeal in conduct violation case
  • 12:01 pm اعظم سواتی کے جسمانی ریمانڈ میں توسیع
  • 11:46 am Watch video: Elderly besties reunite after years, video leaves internet emotional
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Former Federal Board of Revenue chief Shabbar Zaidi has called for a financial emergency in the country.

Zaidi, while speaking on SAMAA TV programme 7se8, said that the country needs an “economic surgery”.

“A financial emergency should be enforced,” he said. “Cars and shops along with property should be registered till the government comes up with a solution.”

Zaidi added that former finance ministers won’t be able to improve the country’s economic conditions under such circumstances.

The former FBR chief said there is not much difference between the policies of former finance ministers Ishaq Dar, Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, and Asad Umar.

Zaidi said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has to make tough decisions. “He should step down if he is unable to do so,” he said.

Abdul Gh Lone