28 January 2023
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LAHORE: The Lahore traffic police on Wednesday seized the documents of a car whose driver was involved in traffic violations up to 266 times, ARY News reported.

According to Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Muntazir Mehdi, a fine of Rs 127,400 was also slapped on the owner of a car involved in traffic offences up to 266 times.

The driver had broken traffic signals 180 times and was caught overspeeding up to 58 times. He also violated one-way traffic rules 25 times, the statement said.

In a similar police activity against traffic violations, the City Traffic Police Lahore (CTPL) on June.9 seized the vehicle and fined the owner who was involved in traffic violations up to 90 times.

According to the police, the car driver had violated the traffic light 41 times and was charged with over-speeding up to 45 times. Besides this, the driver had violated the traffic regulations against one-way traffic once, as well as line lane and zebra crossing thrice.

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Abdul Gh Lone