28 January 2023
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ISLAMABAD: The health condition of former nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has worsened after contracting COVID-19, ARY News quoted the state television on Tuesday.

Mohsin-e-Pakistan Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan’s health condition has worsened after testing positive for COVID-19 on August 26. He was shifted to Islamabad’s KRL Hospital on August 26, according to the hospital’s spokesperson.

The state television quoted the spokesperson while saying that the former nuclear scientist was later shifted to the COVID-19 ward of a military hospital on August 28.

Earlier in September 2019, renowned nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan had refuted the reports circulating around regarding his death, saying that he is completely fine and healthy by the grace of Allah Almighty.


Dr Khan had said in his video message on social media websites that fake reports are being spread for his death. He added, “Nation is worried after the reports about me. However, I’m fine and by the grace of Allah, I am healthy as well.”

The founder of Kahuta Research Laboratories had clarified that the reports were spread by the anti-state elements and the announcement of his death will be made from his home. He had advised nationals not to believe the rumours.

The scientist further said that Allah Almighty will definitely keep him alive for many years to give tough time to the enemies of Pakistan. It may be noted here that the nuclear scientist was under treatment in a hospital due to ailment at that time.

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Abdul Gh Lone