17 October 2021
  • 5:35 pm Merkel meets Erdogan, sees continuity in Germany-Turkey ties
  • 5:34 pm Women must be given their constitutional rights, powers: CJP
  • 5:34 pm Listen: ‘Cold Heart’, Elton John’s old hit in a new collaboration with Dua Lipa, is No 1 in the UK
  • 5:34 pm Watch: Man tries to flee from police in tractor on railway tracks after stealing motorcycles
  • 5:33 pm Premier League: Manchester United must fix ‘mentality and tactics’, says Paul Pogba
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Analyst Adnan Adil has said that the timing of Islamabad High Court’s decision to auction Nawaz Sharif’s property is questionable. The PML-N founder is a convict and his appeal had been dismissed by the court. He didn’t appeal against the decision in the Supreme Court. So, the issue practically ended there.

Abdul Gh Lone