17 October 2021
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The ocean plays host to various mysterious things whether it be unique creatures that have unique and baffling features. Recently, a strange creature was found on an Australian beach and its viral pictures have left social media users surprised.

A foreign news agency reported that the creature which seems like a brown jelly-like blob was seen at Kemp Beach which is located in Queensland state.

It has never been seen before and the viral pictures have drawn the attention of social media users.

The images were shared on the Facebook page of the Australian Native Animals. The creature is shown at the beach.

“A friend just posted this on her FB asking if anyone knew what it could be? She said it looked jellyish,” the caption read.

Social media users are trying out what the creature really is. A user stated he was pretty sure that “it’s the same as a heap washed up in Port Hedland at the moment. Definitely, a jellyfish if its the same ones as up here.”

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Another mentioned: “Definitely a small lions mane jellyfish and that brown is a normal colour.”

A third user stated that he did he took to Google to research about the sea creature and he looks as if it is a tomato jellyfish (Crambione Mastigophora).”

A marine researcher Dr Lisa Gershwin hypothesized that is similar to be a lion’s mane cyanea barkeri. She added that its body is chocolate brown in colour and is common in the Australian state.

It was reported that it cannot harm human beings but can sting when being handled by those who go to the beach.

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Abdul Gh Lone