26 May 2022
  • 3:01 am Army called in to protect Islamabad’s Red Zone from PTI marchers
  • 2:46 am Long March LIVE : Imran Khan enters Islamabad; govt deploys army in red zone
  • 1:17 am PTI long march: Police once again rain tear gas on protestors at D-Chowk
  • 1:16 am VIRAL: Man spends Rs 24 lakh to transform into dog
  • 1:01 am Texas gunman warned online of attack minutes before rampage that killed 19 children
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Chairman National Accountability Bureau, Javed Iqbal says eradication of corruption is first and foremost priority of NAB and the Bureau is strictly committed to the policy of ‘Accountability for All’.
In a statement, he said incidents of corruption reduced to reach 99 in 2018 comparing with 107 last year.
Javed Iqbal said improvement in Pakistan’s ranking in World Economic Forum’s report by nine points is a good omen for the country.

Abdul Gh Lone