20 January 2022
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The Karachi Police continue to investigate the targeted killing of Sindh Bar Council Secretary Irfan Mahar, who was shot dead by two motorcyclists near his residence in Karachi’s Gulistan-e-Johar on Wednesday.

The police say they have not found any plausible motive behind the murder.

Meanwhile, Mahar’s family has rejected the notion that dacoits from the Katcha area of Sindh were behind the targeted killing.

The police explored the possibility
of personal enmity because Irfan was originally from Shikarpur’s Garhi Yasin
area which comes under the influence of the Teghani tribe.

The Sindh government has announced
head money on dacoits from the Teghani tribe of the Katcha area, according to
police officials who also pointed out that tribal killing was also prevalent in
Garhi Yasin.

“The initial investigation has not revealed any motive behind Irfan’s murder,” District East SSP Qamar Raza Jaskani told SAMAA Digital. “During the investigation, the family has ruled out personal enmity.”

He added that the police were now
investigating whether Mahar was murdered on tribal enmity, but the police had
received no leads on this.

The police have found three bullet shells fired from a point 30 caliber pistol and have sent them to the forensic division.

According to SSP, if the forensic
report identifies the weapon used in the incident, it may be possible to
determine the group involved in the murder.

Meanwhile, speaking to SAMAA
Digital, the victim’s brother Rizwan Ali Mahar has ruled out the possibility of
hostility with the dacoits or a family feud.

Irfan Ali Mahar was the eldest of
four brothers and got his early education from Garhi Yasin, and he was living
in Karachi for 20 years as he moved there soon after graduating from Shikarpur,
Rizwan said.

He said that Irfan had married two
women, one from Garhi Yasin and the other from Karachi. He has three children –
two sons and a daughter.

When SAMAA Digital asked about the Katcha dacoits, Rizwan said that the Teghani tribe was always on cordial terms towards them. “The dacoits are not involved in the murder of my brother,” he said.

Rizwan demanded that his brother’s killers be arrested immediately.

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Abdul Gh Lone