27 November 2022
  • 4:01 pm Ishaq Dar, Asif Zardari discuss overall political situation
  • 4:00 pm Karnataka: Two domes removed from ‘mosque-like’ Mysuru bus stand after BJP MP’s demolition threat
  • 3:46 pm PM Shehbaz Sharif postpones PML-N meeting
  • 3:46 pm Indian man burns himself to death in language protest
  • 3:46 pm جنرل ساحر شمشاد نے چیئرمین جوائنٹ چیفس آف اسٹاف کمیٹی کا عہدہ سنبھال لیا
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When the gamekeeper heard him, he was less than fifty meters away.

“At first I didn’t know what it was, that’s the truth,” he says. “But it’s only when the camera caught it that we saw it was a leopard.”

Rina Saeed Khan, the chairperson of the wildlife management board, said that they set up 20 camera traps across the park to study the habitat from March to May. That’s when they discovered that the leopards are roaming around the Margalla Hills National Park.

And so, Islamabad’s Trail 6 has two families of leopards. “We heard our elders say that they existed,” says the warden. “We thought there was one or two but then we found signs. Territory marking showed up. The other leopard doesn’t come into that area then.”

There are more of them now migrating from the Murree side, says Rina Saeed Khan. “There is a leopard corridor because they have protection here.”

The leopards control the porcupine and barking deer populations. The park is busy teeming with wildlife and the experts have assessed that there are about 38 mammal species. The leopard is a top predator on that food chain and ensures that the ecosystem survives and thrives. “The country is controlled by the prime minister, but this park is controlled by our leopard,” quipped a warden.

Trail 6 is closed to the public to protect the habitat.

Abdul Gh Lone