26 May 2022
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Bollywood actor Govinda confessed that he kept his 36-year-old-marriage to Sunita Ahuja a secret for a year to please his fans.

It is pertinent to mention that he tied the knot with Sunita Ahuja back in 1987 and made it public after the birth of his daughter Tina a year later.

In a talk show hosted by fellow celebrity Simi Garewal, The Kill Dil star admitted he took the step so he does not become unpopular among fans.

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“People had scared me that my girls write me love letters and love me so much, I would lose my image and my fan following,” he said as quoted in the report.

The Bollywood actor believes that having a big fan following does not matter and his decision to for pleasing his followers was a mistake.

The Hero No.1 star confessed the couple rarely went out together into a year of their matrimony.

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The veteran actor revealed that he would avoid accepting marriage proposals by thinking his spouse would sabotage his career.

“At that point of time, my career had become like my doll. I was afraid someone would snatch my doll,” he claimed.

Govinda said that his wife felt bad about his attitude but she managed to tolerate it.

He went on to say that tolerance is an art and she maintained her relationship irrespective of what happened between them.

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Abdul Gh Lone