29 November 2022
  • 1:02 pm Shraddha murder: Men with swords attack police van carrying accused Aftab
  • 1:01 pm Minister of State Khar visits Kabul to hold ‘political dialogue’
  • 1:00 pm Man tries unique ‘shower trick’ to wash hair, internet hails ‘Jugaad’
  • 12:48 pm Urdu University: Over dozen students arrested for beating up professor
  • 12:48 pm Okara: Visually impaired girl ‘raped by teacher, watchman in Diyalpur
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An unused ticket known from Michael Jordan’s NBA debut with Chicago Bulls in 1984 got sold for a whopping $468,000 on Saturday.

The price paid for Michael Jordan’s NBA collectible owned by Mike Cole was said to be the record high for such an archive, however, was soon pulled by a ticket stub from Jackie Robinson’s debut game of April 1947, when he broke Major League Baseball’s color barrier, which was sold for $480,000 in the same auction.

“We were a record holder for a brief period, but I couldn’t be happier because to me Jackie Robinson was not only an incredibly accomplished athlete, as was Michael Jordan but also an incredible pioneer,” said Mike.

Mike mentioned to had been gifted two tickets to the game by a family friend Jerry Sachs, while one of the tickets remained intact because he was unable to find anyone to attend the game with him.

Speaking about the collectible, Cole said, “I’ve never held on to these items thinking one day they’re going to be worth a lot of money.”

“I hold on to them because they are memories of good experiences and times spent with family and friends, and as we get older, as is in my case, it’s often enjoyable to think of those times from the past.”

About the winning money, Cole wishes to ‘enrich’ the lives of his family and friends, helping to support his two college-aged children and doing some traveling.
Abdul Gh Lone