28 January 2023
  • 9:19 pm India imports discounted sunflower oil from Russia, Ukraine
  • 9:18 pm PM lashes out Imran for accusing Zardari of hatching assassination plot
  • 9:04 pm Imran Khan appeals to CJP to protect Fawad Chaudhry’s constitutional rights
  • 9:04 pm اسلام آباد میں پیر کو مقامی تعطیل کا اعلان
  • 9:03 pm In first address after landing, Maryam Nawaz says PML-N not ‘scared’ of elections
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Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) senior leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Tuesday urged the new government to dissolve the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) whose chairman Javed Iqbal was “fully under the control” of former premier Imran Khan.

The remarks by the PML-N leader came a day after the party president, Shehbaz Sharif, took oath as the 23rd premier of Pakistan following the ouster of Imran through a joint opposition effort.

Abbasi advised the government to end NAB and hold its officials accountable who allegedly tortured and looted people for years during the PTI regime. The NAB chairman used to take instructions from the previous government, he said, alleging a member of Imran’s cabinet used to direct the bureau chief to lodge fake cases against the opposition.

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“The weak NAB chairman will now go after Imran’s friends,” he claimed, adding that the accountability watchdog had failed to file a single reference over the alleged corruption in Imran’s government. The facts about NAB will be brought to light soon, he added.

Abbasi said the government will move courts to seek the installation of cameras inside the accountability courts to expose the reality of NAB’s accountability drive.

In a comment on the protest movement by Imran, Abbasi said the new government will complete its tenure whereas Imran will keep roaming the streets. He also criticised the former government for ruining the country.

Abdul Gh Lone