3 February 2023
  • 2:18 am PM Shehbaz invites Imran to APC on ‘national challenges’
  • 1:19 am PM reaffirms Pakistan’s unwavering support to Kashmiri brethren
  • 1:19 am Jaffar Mandokhail appointed PML-N’s Balochistan president
  • 1:04 am Dacoits loot motorcyclists near Kirthar’s Talanga Dam
  • 1:04 am Student’s hand fractured after being tortured at Karachi school
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Imagine your favourite character walking down a dark and musty corridor. A flicker of light shows
him a way out right at the far end of the hallway What is that? Is it a door? He can’t see too clearly,
there is only one naked bulb, swinging wildly and casting eerie shadows on the wall. There are bats
trapped in the ceiling, screeching, and flapping their wings, clearly agitated by something…someone.
A rancid smell tickles his nose and a wave of nausea rises from the pit of his stomach. After what
feels like an eternity, he reaches the door. He brushes the cobwebs from the doorknob to reveal
peeling paint and rotting wood. This is it, his way out. He pushes the door open with all his strength.
Suddenly flashes of red and black as he falls back and screams…

I am no Stephen King but if this was a movie, you would simply close your eyes. But a book
works differently. Even horror stories of the most sinister kind, require you to read on to get closure.
You must continue reading to know whether your hero made it out safely or a disfigured, mangled
zombie ate his face as he opened the door to his death. That is why cliffhangers…

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Abdul Gh Lone