20 January 2022
  • 6:46 am Petrol, diesel prices today: Rates unchanged on 20 January, check here what you need to pay in your city
  • 6:16 am Banned in Meghalaya, rat-hole mining continues unchecked in Assam’s forests, commission finds
  • 1:01 am Yashma Gill’s latest video goes viral on social media
  • 12:46 am Greece takes delivery of Rafale jets from France
  • 12:46 am Blinken tells Ukraine he will keep working to avert Russian attack
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Recently one of the two bills (S386) which seeks to lift the per-country green card limit, was blocked again in the US Senate, dashing the hopes of many Indian families whose children have aged-out (turned 21) or are in the process of ageing-out. Once the children turn 21, they can no longer continue with their H-4 visa.

Abdul Gh Lone