28 January 2023
  • 9:48 pm Rammas: Meet DEWA’s virtual employee
  • 9:36 pm Punjab’s caretaker cabinet refuses salaries, stay in official residences
  • 9:36 pm Salman Khan gets court order against KRK
  • 9:35 pm US passes bill limiting drawdowns from strategic oil reserve
  • 9:35 pm موجودہ نظام ملکی مسائل حل کرنے میں ناکام ہوگیا، شاہد خاقان عباسی
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An accountability court on Firday extended physical remands of PMLN’s Maryam Nawaz and her cousin Yousaf Abbas by 14 days (November 8), in a case pertaining to Chaudhry Sugar Mills.
Presenting his arguments in the ongoing inquiry, the prosecutor of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) demanded that the court enforce a blanket ban on television discussions on the matter along with prohibition of pictures and videos being taken of the courtroom and case proceedings.
The accountability court upheld the demand of the anti-graft watchdog and declared the matter sub judice.
The court issued directives to the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) to ensure that the case was not discussed on electronic media platforms, media discussions on the matter would henceforth be deemed unlawful till the matter was under consideration in the court.

Abdul Gh Lone