29 November 2022
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The Karachi South District Municipal Corporation approved on Tuesday the Rs5.35 billion budget for the fiscal year 2020-21.

South DMC Chairman Malik Fayyaz Awan presented the budget
having a surplus of Rs0.5million.

The district administration allocated Rs1.35 billion for
development works in the district, Rs3.33 billion for salaries of employees,
Rs309.3 million for contingencies and Rs442.8 million for repair and

It earmarked Rs12.5 million for any calamities and
environmental protection, Rs20.5 million for families of deceased employees and
Rs7 million for sending employees on pilgrimage.

Expected income

The South DMC is expected to earn Rs640.7 million from its
available resources, while it expects an amount of Rs3.35 billion in share of
Octroi Zila and property taxes from the Sindh government.

Awan said the district administration has been working on
rectification of roads and sewage network, parks and playgrounds.

It has improved the condition of schools, dispensaries and
maternity homes, and ensured provision of medicines and equipment at these facilities.

Opposition Leader Muqeem Alam said the South DMC under the
chairmanship of Awan had initiated record development works compared to other

Abdul Gh Lone