28 January 2023
  • 10:04 pm US four-star general warns of war with China
  • 10:03 pm انگلینڈ جنوبی افریقا کے میچ میں امپائر بال دیکھنا ہی بھول گئے، ویڈیو وائرل
  • 9:48 pm Rammas: Meet DEWA’s virtual employee
  • 9:36 pm Punjab’s caretaker cabinet refuses salaries, stay in official residences
  • 9:36 pm Salman Khan gets court order against KRK
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The Foreign Office said on Wednesday Pakistan promulgated an ordinance to afford Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav an opportunity to file a petition seeking review of his conviction but he declined to avail it.
Additional Attorney-General Ahmed Irfan and Director-General of South Asia and SAARC Zahid Hafeez Chaudhry said Islamabad offered to help arrange legal representation for the Indian spy.
Indian High Commission in Islamabad to institute a review petition against the sentence of Jadhav, Chaudhry said, asking New Delhi to follow due legal procedure and cooperate with Pakistani courts to ensure implementation of the judgment of the International Court of Justice.
The DG South Asia and SAARC said that Islamabad offered second consular access to the Indian spy. First, Jadhav met his mother and wife and later was allowed to meet his father and wife, he disclosed.
He cleared that Pakistan is committed to implementing the ICJ judgment in the Jadhav case in letter and spirit.
Pakistani security agencies on March 24, 2016, apprehended Kulbhushan Jadhav as an ‘on-duty RAW agent’ from Balochistan. Jadhav confessed, in his statement, that he is currently a serving officer in the Indian Navy, working for the covert agency to destabilize Pakistan ─ a claim India has denied.

Abdul Gh Lone