30 March 2023
  • 6:53 pm Sindh govt announces public holiday on April 4
  • 6:53 pm Rana Sanaullah calls for holding ‘greater dialogue’ among all stakeholders
  • 6:53 pm LHC orders to produce Azhar Mashwani before court
  • 6:52 pm IHC reserves verdict on admissibility of Tyrian White case
  • 6:52 pm Murtaza Wahab welcomes legislation on suo motor powers
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Ahmed Ali Chatta, the former controller of the University of Punjab, was shot dead while he was travelling from his house to farm on Friday.

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Men on motorcycles opened fire on his vehicle within the jurisdiction of the Mustafa Town police station, said the police. One bullet hit him and he died on the spot.

Dr Asmatullah, one of his friends, said that Chatta did not have any enemies. The firing has raised questions on the performance of the police in the province, the friend added.

The police have registered a case against unknown people. The case is being investigated from all angles.

The Punjab CM has taken notice too and ordered the immediate arrest of the suspects.

Abdul Gh Lone