30 March 2023
  • 6:51 pm SC forms new bench to hear polls delay case after Justice Aminuddin’s recusal
  • 6:51 pm Gold ticks up as traders eye economic data
  • 6:51 pm ’ چُپ کر کے بیٹھ جاؤ’ ، مریم نواز عمران خان پر برس پڑیں
  • 6:50 pm 13 killed after roof of stepwell collapses at Indore temple
  • 6:49 pm Fiction: Stories by Kannada writer Kodagina Gouramma Gouramma, who wrote of dowry and widowhood
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The Counter Terrorism Department has killed five suspected militants in Rajanpur, a spokesperson for the counter terrorism force said Friday.

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According to the CTD spokesperson, the encounter with the suspected militants took place in Arabi Tabba area of Rajanpur near Indus Highway.
Their bodies have been sent to the district hospital and their identities are being ascertained.
He added that the force recovered weapons and bombs from the hideout of the militants. The security agencies have surrounded the area after the encounter and a search operation is underway.

Abdul Gh Lone