24 February 2024
  • 6:16 am ‘How is this Naya Kashmir?’ Why end of term of panchayats worsens anxieties about Delhi rule
  • 1:06 am Zhalay Sarhad’s comments on marriage go viral
  • 12:48 am Horrific: Man shot, stabbed by his four friends
  • 12:47 am ‘Suits’ sets new streaming record in 2023
  • 12:37 am Three coordinated attacks thwarted in Balochistan’s Mach: Jan Achakzai
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Pakistan Peoples Party’s Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah said that Parliament has turned into a platform where abuses are hurled openly.

The PPP leader, while interacting with the media on Wednesday, said that the National Assembly has not been working according to its mandate.

“The issues such as poverty used to be discussed in the house,” he said. “It is not working according to its mandate. Instead, it has transformed into a place where members abuse one another.”

He added that political dealings and leniency have complicated the matters.

Abdul Gh Lone