6 December 2023
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After its disappearing messages feature, the online messaging app WhatsApp is now rolling out the disappearing photos feature for beta users, which is known as ‘View Once.’

Just like how the expiring media feature works on Instagram, a photo will disappear as soon as the receiver leaves the chat after opening it. The feature is currently available for Android WhatsApp users.

WaBetaInfo revealed the impending feature via screenshots it shared earlier showing users will simply be able to just choose files from the gallery and send disappearing photos.

Tap on the clock-like icon once you have selected the videos, photos and GIFs that you want to send under View Once feature that the app shall display near the “Add a caption” bar, once rolled out.

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You can send disappearing photos that way to anyone in your contact list.

You will find this feature in WhatsApp’s Android version. If you have yet to see the view once button display while sharing the media with anyone, it simply suggests you haven’t received the feature.

The cited source says that if you disable read receipts, the recipient will still be able to see if you have opened the photo or video set to view once, but you won’t be able to check when the recipient opened your image.

You are allowed to share photos and videos using the ‘View Once’ button in groups as well.

The website further shared that if you share a disappearing image in a group, you will be able to see, despite having disabled read receipts, when other participants are opening the expiring photos.

It should, however, be noted the recipient might be able to screenshot or screen record the expiring files and WhatsApp won’t even notify you because there is no screenshot detection.

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Abdul Gh Lone