9 June 2023
  • 6:06 am In Kashmir, Army unit booked as young man dies of electric shock
  • 1:36 am Trailer of ‘The Witcher’ Season 3 Volume 1 wins hearts
  • 1:36 am Hand grenade attack on SSP’s squad in Naseerabad
  • 1:06 am Digital census completion: Rs50 commemorative postal stamp issued
  • 1:06 am India man chops partner’s body, boils them in pressure cooker
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The Andhra Pradesh government on Tuesday withdrew a resolution to abolish the Legislative Council in the state, Deccan Herald reported. The resolution was passed in 2020.

The government had decided to do away with the council to remove “intentional and avoidable” delays in the passage of Bills, legislative affairs minister Buggana Rajendranath said.

In 2020, Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy’s government had failed to get the Legislative Council pass the Bills to set up three capitals in the state as his party – the YSR Congress – did not have a majority, the Hindustan Times reported. The YSR Congress had only nine members in the council while the Opposition Telugu Desam Party had 33 members.

Reddy had said that the council had become a hurdle in making important decisions and getting approvals for them.

The Andhra Pradesh government had sent the resolution to scrap the Legislative Council to the Centre but there was no response from it, said Rajendranath, according to Deccan Herald.

“With no response coming and the prevailing ambiguity over the House functioning, the government has decided to withdraw the earlier resolution,” the minister added.

The Andhra Pradesh government’s decision to withdraw its resolution to scrap the council came a day after it rolled back the Bills to set up three capitals in the state.

The Andhra Pradesh Decentralisation…

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Abdul Gh Lone