11 December 2023
  • 12:17 am Intense political rhetoric testament to in-time elections: Murtaza Solangi
  • 12:17 am CM Punjab launches cleanliness drive in Lahore to combat smog
  • 12:06 am WHO urges immediate humanitarian aid for Gaza
  • 12:06 am Nine electrocuted in accident at Brazil squatter camp
  • 11:47 pm Four policemen injured in Dadu attack
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Ever thought of setting up a caller tune that announces an upcoming wedding, possibly your own? RJ Rimsha Basit Sheikh will show you what this interesting prospect would sound like.

Rimsha Sheikh is a self-taught voice-over artist most of us are now familiar with. She is the voice behind a number of precautionary coronavirus caller tunes and announcements about tokens at bank counters.

Rimsha started out in the dubbing industry in 2017 while she was still at university. She was fond of hosting from her school days.

“I recorded my first sample in 2017 and it was selected for an airline,” Rimsha said on SAMAA TV’s show Naya Din. She has lent her voice to a number of campaigns, including those aimed at educating people about breast cancer in October.

“It’s not just my voice, but a lot of other artists record samples which make the cut on various platforms,” said Rimsha. “It feels really good when our voice reaches others. But unfortunately, some people are annoyed too.”

For those looking to pursue dubbing as a career, Rimsha emphasised the need for working on one’s pronunciation as a warm and pleasant voice alone would not be enough.

“You can start working on these things from a young age,” Rimsha remarked. “You should read, watch news channels, observe anchors and their lip movements, etc.”

Rimsha herself improved her skills by speaking to herself in front of the mirror, she added. She now wishes to lend her voice to animated movies and Turkish series as well.

Find out more in the video about Rimsha’s favourite voice-over of hers and what a caller tune reading a wedding invitation would sound like.

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Abdul Gh Lone