9 December 2023
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TikTok is reportedly expanding its stories feature, which the platform started testing last summer, TechCrunch reported.

TikTok stories are visible for 24 hours and can be viewed by going over a user’s profile and clicking their profile picture.

Stories can also be seen on the For you page on the TikTok application. Similar to Instagram or Snapchat stories, people will be able to see how many people have seen your story, but there is one major difference. TikTok stories do not provide the option for its users to view who viewed their story. However, users will be able to see who liked their stories and left a comment.

Users have to click on the “post” button which is placed on the bottom left side of the app. You can then scroll to “quick” camera mode, which allows you to post a photo or a video to your story. TikTok’s video stories have similar creation options as normal TikTok videos. While, you don’t need a recording timer for a photo since it’s a photo, but, you can still add music and effects to photos.

The feature has not been released to all users. The users who do not have the feature are unable to view stories from other users.

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A TikTok spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch, “Currently, we’re expanding a pilot test, which provides creators with additional formats to bring their creative ideas to life for the TikTok community.”

Abdul Gh Lone