5 December 2023
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Bollywood starlet Ananya Pandey refutes the claims of offering drugs to star kid Aryan Khan, as per the NCB charge sheet.

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan’s elder son, Aryan Khan had told NCB (Narcotics Control Bureau) last year in his statement during the drug-on-cruise case that the rising star of the Indian film industry, Ananya Pandey had introduced him to weed when she gave it to him to dispose of.

“Ananya has a younger sister who was caught by Ananya Pandey with weed. She was about 15-16 years old at the time. She was not a regular smoker and was misled. When Ananya found out, she did not want their parents to know, so she gave me the weed to dispose of, and I did,” stated Khan who has recently been given a clean chit in the case.

However, as per the charge sheet of NCB, Pandey had denied all the claims by her childhood friend, saying, “I am unaware as to why he is lying about this.”

“We were close friends until 2019, but after that, we both got involved in our work and drifted apart. However, we are still in touch and talk occasionally,” the ‘Student of the Year 2’ actor told the officials.

“I want to state that I have never given any drug/contraband to anyone. I have never offered to give drugs/contraband to anyone. I have never even offered to pay anyone for drugs or contraband. I am not in the business of drug delivery or peddling. I do not know any drug dealer,” she affirmed.

“I want to state that, as per my knowledge, nobody in my family consumes any type of contraband drugs. However, my father smokes cigarettes, and my sister used to smoke loose tobacco. She has stopped, as per my knowledge, since 2020,” she added. “I want to state that, as per my knowledge, nobody in my friend circle consumes any drug/contraband. However, they might be consuming but never in front of me.”

Addressing the alleged 2019 WhatsApp chats with Khan, Pandey claimed that it was a ‘joke in an attempt to be funny’. “I have never bought, sold, or consumed drugs/contraband. I want to state that any mention of weed was said in a joke, in an attempt to be funny.”

Explaining the context of the word ‘weed’ being used in the chat, she disclosed that it was about ‘the cover charge being paid for a table at a nightclub’. “For example, if the cover charge is Rs 10,000 and five people are going, each person will pay Rs 2000 each. This was all discussed in a WhatsApp group where Aryan and actor Arbaaz were also members, and Arbaaz had mentioned booking a space at a night club and Arbaaz wrote that the money that everyone would have to pay would be 2.5k per person.”

However, the actor accepted that she and Aryan ‘had consumed alcohol and cigarettes together but never drugs’.

It is pertinent to mention that Aryan Khan, who with his friends, was detained by Narcotics Control Bureau in October last year, had been given a clean chit by the agency and no complaint to be filed against him, and five others due to lack of ‘substantial evidence’.

Both Aryan and Ananya along with several other star kids were spotted together last week at filmmaker Karan Johar’s 50th birthday party.

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