5 June 2023
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OKARA: An abduction case has turned out to be a horrific murder of an elderly man in Okara who was thrown in the river by his son-in-law and daughter, ARY News reported on Thursday.

An abduction case had been registered by a man 14 months ago for his missing father-in-law. After the police investigation, the kidnapping case turned out to be the murder of the 70-year-old man.

It emerged that the son-in-law threw the elderly man in the river for seizing his property. It was also revealed that the slain man’s daughter was also involved in the terrifying crime.

The prime suspect had also filed a writ petition against the police for not recovering his father-in-law. During the interrogation, the accused confessed to murdering his father-in-law by throwing him in the river for getting his four-acre of land.


Earlier in the month, the police had formally announced the arrest of a suspect in the murder case of the daughter of a businessman in Lahore, saying that her adopted son killed her over a marriage feud.

The police had arrested the adopted son of the deceased woman. The suspect Fahad during the police probe said that he wanted to marry a woman of her choice but his mother was not agreeing to it.

After a heated argument, the suspect had opened fire on her, killing her on the spot. “The suspect tried to initially prove it a suicide, however, statements from household servants and others present on the occasion later revealed the motive behind the killing,” they said.

The police had registered the case on a complaint from another adopted son of the woman.

Abdul Gh Lone