9 December 2023
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  • 8:36 am The mystery of Snowa Borno: A Finnish woman who writes in Hindi, or a male writer’s nom de plume?
  • 7:07 am ‘The Muslim Secular’: This book argues that Muslims contribute equally to Indian secularism
  • 7:06 am In animated film ‘The Siren’, a reminder that ‘democracy and peace are never eternal’
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A hilarious video of two elderly citizens fighting over space on a public bus in India is going viral on social media.

The viral video was shared on the visual-sharing social media application Instagram by the Mumbai Police. The humorous video showed them having a verbal argument. The one on the left told the passenger that there was space on the seat. The other replied there was not.

They kept arguing in the entire video. The clip was part of a road safety campaign by the law enforcement agency.

“There’s ‘no space’ for a third person on a two-wheeler!” the caption read.

The amusing clips got millions of views from the application’s users. They had some hilarious comments. Here’s how they reacted to it.

  • “Uncles were just playing around guys”
  • “Jack and rose in Titanic
  • “Uncle aapka stop aagaya.. waha bahot jaga hai
  • “For 4th Seat in Mumbai locals …”
  • “Baat toh sach hai third person pe fine lage toh majja hi aajaye”
  • “Chacha jagah to mujhe dikha hi nhi..”
  • “Very innovative”

It is pertinent to mention that Mumbai Police has often posted funny content to promote public awareness and road safety.

Abdul Gh Lone