9 December 2023
  • 5:22 pm Bilawal Bhutto lambasts Nawaz Sharif in Lower Dir rally
  • 5:22 pm PTI’s Asad Qaiser re-arrested after getting bail
  • 5:22 pm Ethan Crumbley gets life in prison for 2021 school shooting
  • 5:20 pm ‘I have written to get away from myself’: Literature laureate Jon Fosse’s Nobel Prize lecture
  • 5:18 pm Football: Mumbai City FC appoint Petr Kratky as head coach
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Telsa’s chief executive said the tech company is getting closer to integrating Valve’s Steam — as it eyes taking its in-car gaming platform to a whole new level.

Electrek reported that the tech company is heavily investing in integrating video games into its in-car entertainment system — as it might result in an increase in “games playable inside Tesla vehicles”.

In response to a tweet this Saturday, Musk said: “We’re making progress with Steam integration. Demo probably next month.”

“The demonstration is likely going to involve some computing-demanding video games to show the gaming capacity inside Tesla vehicles,” Electrek reported.

Abdul Gh Lone