9 June 2023
  • 1:36 am Trailer of ‘The Witcher’ Season 3 Volume 1 wins hearts
  • 1:36 am Hand grenade attack on SSP’s squad in Naseerabad
  • 1:06 am Digital census completion: Rs50 commemorative postal stamp issued
  • 1:06 am India man chops partner’s body, boils them in pressure cooker
  • 12:47 am Naveed Qamar invites British Pakistanis to invest in Pakistan
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KARACHI: Karachi police investigators confirmed on Friday that two ‘innocent’ youths were killed by a mob on May 7 after mistaking them for robbers in Orangi Town, ARY News reported.

Six policemen were arrested on Wednesday on charges of unintentionally killing an innocent citizen and causing injuries to two others in Karachi’s Korangi Industrial Area after mistaking them for robbers a day earlier, officials said.

Two youths had been tortured to death by citizens in the Orangi Town area on May 9. The investigation officials told the media that the killed youths were identified as Babar and Nazeer.

Police officials said that three friends were going to attend a wedding ceremony and some people mistook them for robbers and asked the residents to catch them. Later, the mob subjected the three youths to brutal torture.

Police said that a video of the brutal torture had also surfaced online in which two youths were killed and their third friend namely Owais sustained injuries.

The investigators said that a stolen motorcycle was confiscated from the crime scene while the police nominated the wounded Owais in the case.

Police investigators added that they did not find any connection between the stolen motorcycle and the youths. All three youths were turned out to be innocent after the probe.

Police said that 150 persons have been nominated with the help of footage and three suspects were arrested. Police added that other nominations persons will be arrested soon.

In October last year, two employees of a telecom company had been tortured to death by an enraged mob in Karachi on the pretext of dacoits.

The incident had taken place in Machar Colony, where two employees of the telecom company were tortured to death by the mob when they came to check the signals of the cellular network in the area.

Abdul Gh Lone