24 February 2024
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The Punjab Prisons Department’s (PPD) spokesperson on Tuesday clarified that a new washroom with five-foot-high walls and a door have been constructed for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan at Attock Jail.

The clarification by the spokesperson comes after Additional District and Sessions Judge (ADSJ), Attock Shafquat Ullah Khan visited the former prime minister’s cell and found his complaints and concerns regarding living conditions — including the lack of privacy in the washroom — to be ‘genuine’.

In the clarification issued by the PPD spokesperson, all facilities available under rules 257 and 771 of the Pakistan Prisons Rules, 1978 have been made available to the PTI chief.

Addressing the concerns that did not have any privacy in the bathroom, the spokesperson said a new washroom was constructed in the PTI chairman’s cell.

“The walls of the washroom are kept five feet high and a door is also installed,” he said, adding that a western commode and wash basin have also been installed in the washroom.

Khan is currently serving a three-year sentence in Attock Jail after being found guilty of corrupt practices in the Toshakhana case earlier this month.

The judge in this observations — issued on Monday and compiled on August 15 — said that Khan on his visit had expressed “grave concerns” about the violation of his privacy and the prevailing living conditions within the prison.

He raised significant concerns regarding a CCTV camera positioned in front of his prison bars, located at a distance of five to six feet, which covers an open bathroom-cum-latrine.

Regarding the CCTV cameras, the spokesperson said that they were installed outside the room.

“CCTV cameras have been installed outside Imran Khan’s room for his and jail security. More than 4,000 CCTV cameras have been installed not only in District Jail Attock but also in other jails of Punjab for security purposes,” the statement added.

He further stated that amenities such as bath soap, perfume, air freshener, towels, tissue papers had been provided, along with a bed, pillows, mattresses, tables, chairs, air conditioners, and exhaust fans.

Moreover, he added that five doctors had been appointed for Khan, of whom one was available at all times, and Khan was only given “special” food after it was checked by doctors.

“Fruits, honey, dates, prayer mat, Quran and books have also been given,” the spokesperson added.

The report also stated Khan complained that his wife and lawyers had no easy access to him; however, the spokesperson said that the PTI chairman’s family meets him on Tuesdays, while his lawyers visit him on Thursdays.

Last week, Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi also voiced concerns about the possibility of her husband being “poisoned” during incarceration at District Jail Attock.

In a letter dated August 17 addressed to the Punjab home secretary, Imran’s wife had sought the ex-PM’s transfer from District Jail Attock to Rawalpindi’s Adiala Jail and expressed fear he could be poisoned in lock-up. According to the letter, the life of the ex-prime minister was in danger as “he was previously attacked twice whereby once he was hit by bullets shots (sic) on his body.”

Abdul Gh Lone