29 September 2023
  • 2:46 pm World Cup 2023: Pakistan opt to bat against New Zealand in warm-up match
  • 2:46 pm At least 25 killed, dozens injured in blast near Eid Miladun Nabi procession in Mastung
  • 2:46 pm President, PM urge Pakistanis to cherish cultural, religious diversity on Eid Miladun Nabi
  • 2:18 pm 4 soldiers martyred in clash with TTP terrorists: ISPR
  • 2:17 pm Throat slit, young girl’s face set on fire in West Bengal’s Basirhat; TMC remains tight-lipped
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In a rare case, a baby girl was born with 26 fingers in Deeg district of India’s Rajasthan. The newborn has seven fingers in each hand and six toes in each leg.

According to the Indian media reports, the doctors said that the extra fingers and toes were due to a rare condition caused by a genetic disorder.

The girl’s family members believe that she is an incarnation of a goddess they worship.

“The girl has seven fingers in each hand and six toes in each leg. The condition is called Polydactyly, which is rare but there is no harm or side effect of this condition on the body,” Dr BS Soni from the CHC Kaman said.

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Dr Soni said that the girl was born at a community health center in Kaman on Sunday night. The mother Sarju Devi and the baby girl are healthy.

The newborn’s maternal uncle Deepak said he believed that the girl was a blessing to the family and an incarnation of goddess Dholagarh Devi.

“She has come to our home as a goddess. We all are lucky that ‘Lakshmi’ has taken birth in our family,” he added.

Abdul Gh Lone