29 September 2023
  • 2:46 pm World Cup 2023: Pakistan opt to bat against New Zealand in warm-up match
  • 2:46 pm At least 25 killed, dozens injured in blast near Eid Miladun Nabi procession in Mastung
  • 2:46 pm President, PM urge Pakistanis to cherish cultural, religious diversity on Eid Miladun Nabi
  • 2:18 pm 4 soldiers martyred in clash with TTP terrorists: ISPR
  • 2:17 pm Throat slit, young girl’s face set on fire in West Bengal’s Basirhat; TMC remains tight-lipped
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Videos of an Australian surfer surfing with his pet python coiled around its neck are going viral on social media platforms.

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The intrepid surfer caused a stir on Australia’s Gold Coast after videos of him carving through the azure waves while carrying his pet carpet python went viral.

But authorities said he did not possess a permit to have the reptile in public, and fined the man 2,322 Australian dollars ($1,500).

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“To take an animal out in public or display it requires a separate permit,” Queensland’s Department of Environment and Science said Monday in a statement. “Snakes are obviously cold-blooded animals, and while they can swim, reptiles generally avoid water.

“The python would have found the water to be extremely cold, and the only snakes that should be in the ocean are sea snakes.”

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Carpet pythons are non-venomous snakes that can grow up to three metres (about 10 feet) long, and wrap around their prey and squeeze it until it suffocates.

They mostly eat birds, lizards and other small mammals.

Abdul Gh Lone