9 December 2023
  • 8:39 am ‘No data’ and other tactics: How the government is dodging RTI queries on health pacts with Big Tech
  • 8:37 am In Ken Loach’s ‘The Old Oak’, a solidarity that transcends differences
  • 8:36 am The mystery of Snowa Borno: A Finnish woman who writes in Hindi, or a male writer’s nom de plume?
  • 7:07 am ‘The Muslim Secular’: This book argues that Muslims contribute equally to Indian secularism
  • 7:06 am In animated film ‘The Siren’, a reminder that ‘democracy and peace are never eternal’
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PESHAWAR: The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) police has issued the third list of wanted terrorists, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

The CTD’s new list contained the names of 152 more terrorists wanted to the KP police. The KP police department also placed head money on the wanted terrorists of different banned outfits ranging from Rs300,000 to 10 million.

The CTD spokesperson said in a statement that the names of informants will be kept secret.

In October, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) had released a list of 128 most wanted terrorists carrying up to Rs8 million head money.

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The KP Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) has fixed head money on each terrorist and released their pictures. The head money ranges from Rs300,000 to Rs8 million.

The public was asked to provide any information about these wanted terrorists through email, telephone, and mobile.

According to the fresh list, Said Qadar of Mardan carries the highest reward of Rs8 million while Zahid Qadar of the same district carries Rs7 million head money.

The list included a few others with Rs6 million and Rs5.5 and Rs5 million head money.

The list also included Obama from Swabi. His real name is Fazal Nawab but he is known as Obama and carries a head money of Rs3 million.

Abdul Gh Lone