9 December 2023
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In a bizarre incident that went viral, six wedding guests were reportedly injured in a fight over Rasgullas.

The incident occurred in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh where a wedding event took an unexpected turn, leaving bystanders both shocked and amused when they saw wedding guests fighting over Rasgullas.

The incident unfolded when a guest casually remarked about the insufficient quantity of rasgullas at the wedding in Agra.

This quickly escalated into a full-blown brawl as attendees rushed towards the dessert table, sparking a frenzy of chaos.

The ensuing clash was no laughing matter, resulting in injuries to six individuals who found themselves caught in the midst of flying glasses, dishes, and even punches.

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Fortunately, the injuries sustained by the brawlers were deemed minor, with all affected individuals currently in stable condition

The police promptly registered a case against the six individuals involved in the skirmish, attributing the cause to a dispute over the insufficient quantity of rasgullas.

Earlier, a shocking incident was reported from India’s Pune city where a caterer was brutally thrashed by a group of people at a wedding ceremony following a dispute over gulab jamuns (a sweet dish).

According to the Indian media reports, the incident took place after the ceremony was over at a banquet hall where a 28-year-old catering contractor was seriously injured after he was thrashed with a frying ladle.

In a police report the manager of the hotel and catering service, Dipanshu Gupta, stated that the incident took place around 6 pm, after some relatives who were at the wedding approached Gupta and asked if they could take the leftover food. Gupta told them he had no objection and they started packing the food.

He further stated that one person packing the gulab jamuns which was kept separately for the next day event, and upon raising objection the culprits got agitated and attacked him with a frying ladle.

Abdul Gh Lone