24 February 2024
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  • 12:37 am Three coordinated attacks thwarted in Balochistan’s Mach: Jan Achakzai
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Former president Asif Zardari has said that the PPP remains the sole party globally to make monumental sacrifices in pursuit of implementing its people-friendly manifestos.

In a statement issued on Friday, Zardari emphasised the PPP’s unwavering dedication to easing the burdens of the common citizen, citing the enduring slogan of ‘Roti, Kapra Aur Makan’ [food, clothes, and shelter] coined by the party’s founding chairman, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, as the cornerstone of the party’s ethos.

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“To realise these values, the PPP has made countless sacrifices, including shedding the blood of martyrs,” Zardari said.
“In the history of the modern world, no other party has made more sacrifices than the PPP to fulfil its [commitments in the] manifesto,” he added.

Zardari also highlighted the party’s journey over the past 56 years, stating that the PPP had continuously moved forward and learned from its experiences. “We are ready to serve the people of Pakistan with a renewed zeal and sense of duty,” he added.
The former president underscored the importance of digitisation of key departments, like food, education, and health, to ensure transparency and good governance.

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“These departments provide essential services for the welfare of the common man,” he said.
Zardari advocated for the strengthening and enforcement of anti-harassment laws to create a safe work environment for women.
“PPP has always been the champion of women’s rights. It is the party that blessed the Islamic world with its first woman prime minister – the late Benazir Bhutto,” he concluded.

Abdul Gh Lone