24 February 2024
  • 6:16 am ‘How is this Naya Kashmir?’ Why end of term of panchayats worsens anxieties about Delhi rule
  • 1:06 am Zhalay Sarhad’s comments on marriage go viral
  • 12:48 am Horrific: Man shot, stabbed by his four friends
  • 12:47 am ‘Suits’ sets new streaming record in 2023
  • 12:37 am Three coordinated attacks thwarted in Balochistan’s Mach: Jan Achakzai
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Legal drama ‘Suits‘ took the top spot as the most streamed title ever from another audience favourite ‘The Office‘ in 2023, while shows on Netflix dominated overall streaming charts, according to Nielsen data.

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Suits‘ racked up 57.7 billion viewing minutes in 2023, thanks to its availability on both Netflix and Comcast-owned Peacock. ‘The Office’ had generated 57.1 billion viewing minutes in 2020 amid pandemic-induced lockdowns, according to the report.

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Some of the other widely streamed shows last year were ‘Bluey,’ ‘NCIS,’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ and ‘The Big Bang Theory.’

Overall, Americans streamed 21 million years’ worth of video in 2023, a 21% jump from a year earlier, as streaming firms continued to pour billions of dollars into new and licensed content to keep audiences hooked to their platforms.

Shows on Peacock, Disney+, Paramount+ and Warner Bros Discovery’s Max were also among those that were widely watched.

Last year was particularly challenging for the U.S. entertainment industry, as strikes from writers and actors stalled production for months.

Despite the strikes, a handful of originals still managed to make it to the market, with ‘Ted Lasso’ on Apple TV+ leading the charts in the original category and Netflix’s ‘Night Agent‘ coming in a close second.

In the movie category, seven out of 10 were animated features that topped streaming charts, with Disney’s ‘Moana‘ and ‘Encanto‘ leading the way.

The report also highlighted the dominance of streaming in the United States, especially as high-profile sporting events like the recent NFL playoff game between Kansas City Chiefs vs. Miami Dolphins, become exclusive to streaming services.

Abdul Gh Lone