5 June 2023
  • 10:46 pm پی ٹی آئی امریکی کانگریس سےپاکستان مخالف بیانات دلوانے کی منتیں کرنے لگی
  • 10:46 pm وزیراعلیٰ بلوچستان کا اقتصادی کونسل کے اجلاس شرکت نہ کرنے کا اعلان
  • 10:36 pm Court to not interfere in economic matters: CJP
  • 10:36 pm کوئٹہ کے نواحی علاقے ہزار گنجی میں فائرنگ، خاتون جاں بحق
  • 10:36 pm سعودی عرب کے اعلان کے بعد عالمی منڈی میں تیل کی قیمتوں میں اضافہ
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The three back-to-back International Squash Tournaments will commence at Mushaf Squash Complex in Islamabad from tomorrow.
According to detail, International Squash Tournament for Women will be played from first to fifth of the next month, while Huawei International for Men will be staged from 6th to 10th of the next month.
A total of seventeen men players from Egypt, Iran, Hong Kong, Scotland, Kuwait, Spain, Czeh Republic and Ireland will participate in the event.
Seven women players from Egypt, South Korea, Iran and Switzerland will also participate in the Women event.
The event is providing ample of opportunities to Pakistani players for the revival of International squash in the country.

Abdul Gh Lone