11 December 2023
  • 12:17 am Intense political rhetoric testament to in-time elections: Murtaza Solangi
  • 12:17 am CM Punjab launches cleanliness drive in Lahore to combat smog
  • 12:06 am WHO urges immediate humanitarian aid for Gaza
  • 12:06 am Nine electrocuted in accident at Brazil squatter camp
  • 11:47 pm Four policemen injured in Dadu attack
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A Lt Col of the Indian Army’s 3 Corps Intelligence Unit, Dharamvir Singh, has filed an affidavit in the High Court of Manipur alleging that an army team perpetrated extortion and killing of innocent people in the state, Indian Express reported. The affidavit is in connection with the Habeas Corpus petition filed by his wife Ranju Singh claiming her husband had been wrongfully detained. The High Court has ordered the Army to file their counter affidavit before August 1. The affidavit alleges that Singh was taken away from his quarters in Imphal by armed jawans led by Lt Col Nanda and Major Rathore. He was kept under house arrest till the court directed his release five days later. The Army has called the claims ‘baseless’ and said the officer was sent for posting. Currently, the Col is on leave staying with his family in Imphal. The affidavit also alleges that Singh became a victim of of an organised campaign by some senior officers who turned vindictive after he reported their wrongdoings. On September 9, 2016, the affidavit said Singh wrote a complaint against the extortion and fake encounter killings of innocent boys from Manipur who were picked up from Dimapur in Nagaland and murdered in the nearby Rangapahar Cantonment. Later on, he withdrew the letter after pressure from top and continuous assurances that the erring personnel would be dealt with. He has claimed a serious threat against his family in this regard. The affidavit states three alleged fake encounters between 2010 and 2011 perpetrated by a single team of the 3 Corps Intelligence Unit. He has further sought the court’s permission to submit the 13 page official letter.

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