11 December 2023
  • 12:17 am Intense political rhetoric testament to in-time elections: Murtaza Solangi
  • 12:17 am CM Punjab launches cleanliness drive in Lahore to combat smog
  • 12:06 am WHO urges immediate humanitarian aid for Gaza
  • 12:06 am Nine electrocuted in accident at Brazil squatter camp
  • 11:47 pm Four policemen injured in Dadu attack
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This has been one of the deadliest climbing seasons on Everest, with at least 10 deaths, some of which were avoidable. The problem hasn’t been avalanches, blizzards or high winds. Veteran climbers blame the presence of too many inexperienced climbers. Nepal has no strict rules about who can climb Everest, and veteran climbers say that is a recipe for disaster.

Abdul Gh Lone