11 December 2023
  • 12:17 am Intense political rhetoric testament to in-time elections: Murtaza Solangi
  • 12:17 am CM Punjab launches cleanliness drive in Lahore to combat smog
  • 12:06 am WHO urges immediate humanitarian aid for Gaza
  • 12:06 am Nine electrocuted in accident at Brazil squatter camp
  • 11:47 pm Four policemen injured in Dadu attack
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If you haven’t started watching the fourth season of Money Heist on Netflix then look away now because there will be spoilers.

In the last episode of the third season, Money Heist fans were left hanging on the edge: the Professor thought that he wife, former cop Raquel, had been executed and Nairobi got shot (a bullet pierced her lung and it looked like she would be meeting Berlin soon).

The show’s fourth season picks up where we left off. The Professor learns that Raquel aka Lisbon is very much alive and this helps him plot his next move, get his gang and the gold out.

Let’s rewind a little though. While the Professor was trying to escape the police and Angel, things inside the Bank of Spain were a mess. Tokyo staged a coup de tat and took charge from Palermo because they had an important decision to make. Should they let Nairobi go outside to get medical treatment, let her stay inside the bank and operate on her themselves or just wait for her to die.

Nairobi promised she wouldn’t snitch on the gang. But they weren’t going to let her walk out, were they?

The Professor had thought of this. He had put it in his plan long before the heart-thumping heist began.

As always, the Professor had put the team in touch with his contact in Pakistan. Yes, the same guy who introduced the Professor to Pakistani hackers in the last season.

This time, a surgeon from Islamabad comes to save Nairobi’s life via a video call. Tokyo does the physical work as Dr Ahmed guides her what to do via webcam. After assessing the wound, he tells Tokyo that she might have to remove a bit of Nairobi’s lung to get the bullet out.

But before he could guide her further, the tent cuts their connection on orders from Colonel Luis Tamayo. The Pakistani connection provided twitterati something to talk about besides the lockdown. Here are some of the best tweets.

what if money heist is made in pakistan? imagine a gang robbing state bank with characters islamabad, sukkhar and gujrat. el professor will be lahore, because he runs the show. while arturo will be karachi cause it’s the worst character.
— thor (@suspendedthor) April 2, 2020

Me and Maryam every time Pakistan was mentioned in Money Heist: pic.twitter.com/S7eVpg380k
— Faiza (@faizaax_) April 3, 2020

Just finished Money heist and I can’t explain what a masterpiece this season was so much suspense, drama, emotions and ended with “it’s a war and we’ll win it, “FOR NAIROBI!” Clearly the best ever season also mentioned Pakistan again and again uff can’t stop crying
— Izma. (@IzmaSiddiqi) April 3, 2020

Dr. Ahmed from Pakistan is directing an entire surgey via video call & is super fluent in Spanish. Could we please have his skills and services in this pandemic situation here #LaCasaDePapel4 #MoneyHeist #Moneyheistseason4 pic.twitter.com/Ptu6HNzwHX
— Eman (@emanah15) April 3, 2020

If you haven’t seen the show yet, we suggest you get to it right away.

Abdul Gh Lone