4 December 2023
  • 11:37 pm General elections: Army’s assistance sought amid ‘shortfall’ of security personnel
  • 11:37 pm ‘Animal’: Ranbir Kapoor’s film lambasted over representation of women
  • 11:36 pm Cyclone Michaung: 5 killed, flights cancelled as heavy rain pounds Chennai
  • 11:06 pm Justice Mazahar Naqvi submits response to SC registrar’s notice
  • 11:06 pm MQM-P demands CEC to remove Sindh election commissioner
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The fare for Singapore-Delhi/Mumbai will be Rs 20,000 and Singapore-Bengaluru will be Rs 18,000. Aviation minister H S Puri on Tuesday said the fares set are lower than the cost of operating these special flights — which could be flying out only partially full or empty to bring back Indians stranded abroad.

Abdul Gh Lone