24 February 2024
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We love celebrity baby names — and honestly, the weirder the better. From strange 2020 star spawn X Æ A-12 and Raddix Madden way back to the likes of Moon Unit Zappa, they’re ahead of the curve for sure.

On May 4, 2020, Elon Musk and his partner Claire “Grimes” Boucher welcomed their first child together and soon after revealed the baby’s name: X Æ A-12.

Just like Musk, many people want to give
their kids one of a kind names and no one is better at christening their little
ones with unusual and creative names than celebrities. Apple, Cookie, Stormi,
Onyx, Blue Ivy, Bluebell and Psalm are just some handful of A-list kids with
names unlikely to be shared with classmates.

If you’re expecting, here is our list of celebrities who gave their children unique
names with their meanings.

Zaw Ali

Singer Sajjad Ali chose
a pretty unique name for his daughter which has origins in Sanskrit and
Burmese. This name can be given to a boy or a girl and means saint or someone
to be followed.

Sajjad also chose
unique names for both his sons Khoobi Ali and Shaibi Ali.


Model and VJ Mathira chose to call her only son Aahil. An Arabic word, Aahil means king or ruler. Mathira married to a Dubai-based artist in 2014 whom she divorced in 2018.


Actress Fizza Ali’s five-year-old daughter is named Faraal. The word means lioness in Arabic. The word also carries the meaning of power and strength.


Performing artist Dua
Malik and singer Sohail Haider named their daughter Ziyara. Originally an
Arabic word, it is also found in English and other languages. Its meaning is to

Almir and Mahabir

Actor Fatima Effendi Kanwar and her husband Arsalan have two sons named Almir (2013) and Mahbir (2018). Both are Urdu names; Almir means prince while Mahabir means brave.

Janevi and Kazimir

The multi-talented
Meesha Shafi is not only a model and actress but also a singer. She married
Mahmood Rehman in 2008 and both her kids have pretty unique names. Her son is
named Kazimir which has roots in German, Dutch and Polish languages and means
bringer of peace.

Her daughter’s name
Janevi cannot be located on the internet, owing perhaps to a variation in
spelling. However, if the e is removed it becomes the Sanskrit word Janvi which
has a host of different meanings including the river Ganga.


Versatile Amna Sheikh
chose the name Meissa for her daughter which is a pretty unique name. The word
is Arabic and refers to someone who shines like the stars. Meissa was born in
2015. Her father is actor Mohib Mirza whom Amna married in 2005. The couple
separated in 2015.


Actress and TV host
Sanam Jung named her daughter Alaya. The word is of Arabic origins and means
glory and respect. Sanam married pilot Syed Abdul Qasim Jaffery in 2016 and was
blessed with a daughter the same year.


One of Pakistan’s top models Mehreen Syed named her daughter Aman. The word is commonly known and means peace. Mehreen married Ahmed Humayun Sheikh in 2013. Apart from Aman, the couple also has a son named Ibrahim who was born in 2019.


Actor Moammar Rana and his wife chose a really unique name for their daughter. The name Rea has origins in Hindi, Greek and Latin. In Hindi, the word refers to the poppy flower, while in Greek it means spring or someone that flows.

Born in 1999, the 21-year-old Rea is not only a model but also a brilliant makeup artist.


Actress, model and TV
host Veena Malik’s son is called Abram Khan Khattak. The word is Arabic and
means someone with a strong grip. The word is also associated with the Prophet
Ibrahim (A.S.)

Veena was married to
Dubai-based businessman Asad Khan Khattak from 2013 to 2018. Veena also has a
daughter named Amal which means wish or hope.


Celebrity couple Syra Yousaf and Shehroz Sabzwari who parted ways in 2020 after eight years together named their daughter Nooreh, which means bright or illuminated.

Abdul Gh Lone